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Neil Goss

Studio Resident (2015 - 2016)

Fiber, Sculpture, Textiles
Statement of Work

I’ve spent the past 5 years researching and working with fiber, natural dyes and hand dug clay and other foraged art materials. My experience has led me to desire something deeper and more relatable within my materials and processes than those found in purchasing canvas, brushes and paint from the store. I want to more thoroughly understand and develop a real relationship with the materials and processes that I use.

My creations are offerings to the Earth, made and borrowed from the Earth. They are extensions of my spiritual and physical self, embodying all that I possess. The Earth provides me life and I must attempt to give it life and energy. I utilize the Earth as my art supply store. Through the use of natural materials like hemp, wool, fallen tree limbs, medicinal natural dyes and hand dug clay I utilize the bounty our Earth offers to create sustainable and biodegradable works of art. My art does not need to be permanent, as I do not intend it to last forever. My work can of course be preserved, but it possesses a desire to be ephemeral. The evolution and progression of age and degradation reflects our lives and my life. Why should the artwork that I create be any different? I believe it should, like me, have a birth, life and death.

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