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Nicholas Omiccioli

Studio Resident (2013 - 2014)

Composer, Music
Statement of Work

My music exists under multiple paradoxes of being dark, yet colorful; technical, yet highly emotive; and static, yet wildly gestural. Drawing upon many styles and techniques, my musical aesthetic blends both the traditional and experimental in my own unique sound world in which melody, harmony, extended techniques, sound effects, and noise hold equal weight.

My current research includes vertical harmonic construction and the prolongation of fixed pitches on the staff. Not limiting myself to one school of thought, the musical language I base my work on shows no bounds and consists of synthetically constructed harmonies consisting of quasi-symmetrical patterns—typically in the form of non-octave repeating scales. The limiting nature of these structures allows for less traditional writing techniques which I value for creating a more personal form of art. As a composer who obsesses over consistency and unity, I take great care in aligning the vertical and horizontal pitch structures in a work. The advantages of these techniques open new doors of harmonic construction that allow me to realize a work and the atmosphere I wish to evoke.

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