Artist Profile

Rachel Gregor

Studio Resident (2012-2013)

Statement of Work

Rachel Gregor is a fine artist living and working in Kansas City, MO. Born and raised in Minnesota, she graduated from KCAI in 2012. Working primarily in oil paint, Gregor creates psychological portraits of young girls surrounded by crochet blankets and out-of-date floral patterns, evocative of nostalgia and the awkward lines between girlhood and womanhood. Alongside of portraiture, Gregor paints floral still lives heavily influenced by Dutch Golden Age masters such as Rachel Ruysch. Instead of hybrid and exotic cultivars collected by the dutch, Gregor composes her still lives from native flowers found throughout the midwest. Both her still life work and portraiture cross boundaries between the extravagant, overly composed, and the mundane. Just as the Dutch still lives, both bodies of work serve as memento mori, reminders of the fleeting nature of beauty and life.

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