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Sarah Hearn

Studio Resident (2014 - 2015)

Illustration, Installation, Photography
Statement of Work

I am an interdisciplinary visual artist researching how humans can collaborate with, understand and learn from nature. My creative practice is strongly rooted in photography, drawing, site-specific installation and participatory culture. Components of the scientific method are incorporated into my process. Through earnest investigations of biological life and natural phenomena, I make work that reveals shifting boundaries between science, pseudoscience and science fiction.

My appreciation for unknown discovery is tangible. Science fiction grants us permission to dream about what is possible. It makes way for previously unimagined relationships to thrive, and at times has forecasted the future of our world. My work questions what it means to visualize biological life and phenomena that are often invisible to us at first glance. Intentional elements of humor and absurdity expose the limitations of scientific visual representation.

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