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Susan White

Exhibitions/Performances (2005, 2008, 2009)

Installation, Sculpture, Video
Statement of Work

I work with thorns from the honey locust tree to create discrete sculptures and large-scale installations. I’m drawn to work with them because of the myriad metaphors and associations they evoke. I make interlocking thorn sections that travel across the wall as a form of three-dimensional drawing, sometimes tangling up, sometimes unraveling. I create works that reflect the angst-ridden state of politics as well as the sense of hope and inspiration found in nature. I also make pyrographs or burn drawings, organic abstractions through which I explore the elemental relationship of the body to the landscape, the cellular nature of the body, the granular nature of the soil, the sense of time and space in the natural world.

The experience of an artist residency in Tokyo has found its way into my work in myriad ways: through a sense of topography, of quietness, of stillness, of commitment to and trust in the process to find the way. I find that this influence provides a veiled presence pervasive throughout these works.

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I aspire to transform the frenetic impulses of everyday into work that evokes a calm and meditative hum. The idea is to create a form of visual poetry.

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