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Will Meier

Studio Resident (2013 - 2014)

Sculpture, Writer
Statement of Work

Meier’s work originates in such conceptual premises, allowing the outcomes of his process to manifest in a variety of formats. Space, time, and the representation of these formats act as malleable parameters for his experiments with the composition, compartmentalization, and fragmentation of form. For example building spaces in which to make objects that are photographed and manipulated digitally as a reference for crafting paintings consequently necessitates more re-building, ad infinitum. A self-referential recycling of subjects interconnects the appendages of his practice. The result is that imagistic oil paintings hold equivocal value to sculptures that house mechanisms for internally-projected digital imagery, as does writing that positions his awareness of his investigations in the culture at large. Meier employs each of these strategies to present specific varieties of experience-dependent upon their particular projected contexts. Ultimately, Meier ultimately strives to recall and reinvent moments of exploring the world, providing viewers with opportunities to reexamine their own.

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