Artist Profile

Will Preman

Studio Resident (2012-2013)

Ceramics, Installation, Mixed Media, Sculpture
Statement of Work

I am an obsessive object and image collector. I love that immediate feeling of seeing something that I need to have. My inspiration is diverse but geared towards the details that make objects or events special, strange, or humorous. The personal visual library I use to create sculptures come from all aspects of my life: childhood memories, daily routine, imagination, and the works of other artists.

The making of objects is a necessary part of understanding the world around me. I see everything as raw materials, something to be used. My arrangement of objects into their final display comes from the ideas of visual landmarks, object adoration, and the inherent hierarchy that is created through the display. Instinctual experimentation and play, alongside deliberate planning, fundamentally engage the child and scientist within me. My goal is to have viewers reach a similar curiosity.

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