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Zachary Voss

Studio Resident (2014 - 2015)

Installation, Mixed Media
Statement of Work

Similarly, my current work seeks to leverage the language of protest to explore the role of personal autonomy, of the individual, in juxtaposition to his presence as the facet of the larger whole. My work always starts with language, relying on its paradoxical nature as an inherently participatory institution, yet one that is essential to individual expression. From this point language unfolds into actions that serve as a vehicle to the dialogue. Various fabrications techniques at my disposal are utilized to create either terminal objects or ephemera used to enhance performative actions. Lastly, the means of distribution serves as a mechanism to further echo the reciprocal relationship of the individual to the group.

I actively engage more democratic means of artistic dissemination in contrast to the luxury art object. The work is born of the individual but seeks as much as possible to return to the whole, much as the individual protester must admit his stake in the group to which his address is aimed. The work in total aims to celebrate a fundamental element of human expression, that of personal autonomy, of the necessity for self-actualization, not in spite of cooperation, but as an element of it.

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