Friday, January 26, 2018 - Saturday, February 24, 2018

Our world is increasingly strange. The unlikely has now become commonplace. All Tomorrow’s Parties is a group exhibition of nine artists who see the strange, surreal and unlikely in their own work as a reflection of their time. The exhibited collages, drawings, garments, paintings, sculptures and video works reflect a range of aesthetic responses that each artist has found and followed. Gathered together, the artists call attention to the qualities of the surreal that now seem every day. Will it stay this way? How bizarre will the future become? Can we be at home in this new world? All Tomorrow’s Parties invites viewers to consider these questions and more.


Surrealism responded to a world coming undone by war, economic crisis, and political instability. Doesn’t this also sound like our world? The artists of All Tomorrow’s Parties are driven to varying degrees by the impulses of surrealism. Seeing a similar drift towards the unlikely in our lives, this exhibition seeks to acknowledge and celebrate our age as ours. As artists and citizens, we can shape the world, yet there is no going back. Together we attend All Tomorrow’s Parties. 

The exhibition is organized by Jonah Criswell & Kelly John Clark. Participating artists include Corey Antis, Kelly John Clark, Hadley Clark, Jonah Criswell, Olivia Gibb, Will Henry, Caitlin Horsmon, Peyton Pitts, Allan Winkler. This also featuring works by Aaron Stork and Lee Piechoki.

Opening Reception

Friday January 26th from 6-9pm


Film Screening with introduction by Dr. Melissa Lenos 

Friday, February 2nd from 8-11pm


Closing Reception and Panel Discussion

Saturday, February 24th from 2-4PM

Event Details

January 26, 2018 - February 24, 2018


La Esquina Gallery (1000 W 25th St, Kansas City, MO 64108)

Opening Reception
Friday, January 26 from 6-9PM

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