Friday, May 8th to Saturday, May 9th, 2009

On May 8, 2009, beginning at noon, Kansas City-based artist Jason Dixon will attempt to complete the most performance pieces ever enacted by a single person in a single day. Clad in competitive swimming gear and acting through his alter ego, Tito, Dixon plans to re-create a selection of seminal performance artworks of the past, from Bruce Nauman’s “Bouncing in Corner” to Vito Acconci’s “Turn On,” and Theme Song,” to Paul McCarthy’s “White Line.” This unique 24-hour event will take place at la Esquina, 1000 West 25th Street, Kansas City, MO from noon on May 8 to noon on May 9. The public is invited to this free performance, which will also be streamed live and accessible online at!

Dixon intends to move uninterrupted through an ambitious performance line-up in an act of physical endurance aligned with the nature of the original performances he will recreate. The pieces, representing works by some 18 artists, include Mark McGowan’s eight-hour-long “Dunce,” Jackson Pollock’s “Drip Painting, Untitled, ”Janine Antoni’s “Loving Care,” and John Cage’s “4 33.” The event will also include opportunities for the audience to interact with the artist; for example, when he performs Yoko Ono’s “Cut Piece,” which invites viewers to cut from the robe he is wearing, and Marina Abramovic’s “Rhythm O,” which includes 72 items laid out on a table, which audience members may employ in relation to the artist as they desire.

In the spirit of competition, Dixon also hopes to earn recognition in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most endurance pieces ever performed in a single day by one person. Though he acknowledges that many performances have extended longer than 24 hours, his feat will be to complete as many as possible with” provenance” in a 24-hour time limit. As the last few minutes of time for the event runs out, Dixon will crawl across fifty feet of glass, in a recreation of Chris Burden’s famous “Softly into the Night,” to the finish line.

For photos of the event, check out our flickr.

Event Details

May 8th to May 9th, 2009


La Esquina (1000 West St. Kansas City, MO 64108)

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