Friday, February 3rd from Saturday, March 10th, 2012

Charlotte Street Foundation is pleased to present High Seas, Low Planes, a multi-media installation by Kansas City-based artist and Charlotte Street Visual Artist Award Fellow Ari Fish. High Sees Low Planes is intended to serve as a “temporary temple,” a sacred space for people of all kinds to congregate. Groups and individuals are invited and encouraged to use the space as they wish, including for such activities as a class, performance, sermon, meditation, spiritual practice, ritual, or conversation.

The installation will be comprised of multiple projections of computer-generated color light schemes, projected from the four cardinal directions onto large swaths of poly-filament “clouds” and sewn vinyl forms suspended from the ceiling. Drawing on theories of color therapy and color psychology, the color projections will work together to induce energy, vitality, calmness, and relaxation. These effects will be furthered through white noise, subtle bell tones and low hums presented in surround sound. Visitors will be able to experience the installation from reclining positions on mobile scooters upholstered with comfort foam and fabric, or by resting on large, stationary boulder-shaped pillows.

The installation will be open to the public on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, 12-6pm and by appointment. Individuals and groups may reserve use of this space for activities and events during these hours or may request use of the space at other times, to be accommodated whenever possible. More information, a calendar of activities, information about requesting use, and the tenets for the use of the space may be found at

For photos of the event, check out our flickr.

Event Details

February 3rd to March 10th, 2012


La Esquina (1000 West St. Kansas City, MO 64108)

Opening Reception
Friday, February 3rd at 6-9 PM

Ari Fish is a 2006 graduate of Kansas City Art Institute and a 2010 Charlotte Street Visual Artist Award Fellow. Her work has been featured in exhibitions at Melissa Morgan Gallery, Palm Springs, CA; Tompkins Projects, New York; and at Kansas City area venues including Grand Arts, the H&R Block Artspace at Kansas City Art Institute; and Charlotte Street’s Urban Culture Project Space. She has designed costumes for internationally touring artists and musicians including Gossip, Harlem, Peaches, Chicks on Speed, SSION, Mark Southerland and Snuff Jazz, Tilly and the Wall, and Filip Noterdaeme of the Homeless Museum.

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