Friday, March 8th to Saturday, March 9th, 2013

Highlighting the work of 21 visual artists and 8 performing artists/ensembles awarded free studios for year-long terms, this two-day event includes open studios by all visual artist residents as well as live music, dance, comedy improv, and cross-disciplinary performances, special sales, temporary installations, participatory activities, artist talks, and more. All events are free and open to the public.

Friday, March 8th (6 PM – 10 PM)

5:30-9PM: Town Pavilion + pARTnership Place

– All Visual Artists’ Studios are open with artists present and welcoming visitors!

5:30-9PM: Paragraph Gallery

Introductory Portrait is on view displaying a selection of Studio Resident Artists’ personal influences and inspirational objects.


5:30-6:30 PM: pARTnership Place

– Kick-Off Reception featuring live music by Studio Resident Miles Bonny. Miles Bonny will perform original music utilizing his live vocal and flugelhorn, as well as play electronic backing instrumentals from his many world-wide collaborators.

7PM: Paragraph Gallery

– The comedic ensemble Big in Japan performs in a format they call the ‘Hip-Hop Harold,’ using themes of the freestyle rap to inspire a comic scene, which inspires another freestyle rap, and so on.

7:30 PM: Town Pavilion

– Erin Muenks and dancers debut a collaborative work in progress titled Sewing the Seeds of Change. The music for this work is composed by Brian Denmark and performed by Aurelien Boccard on piano and Joshua Wise on cello.

8PM: Town Pavilion

– Kacico Dance presents excerpts from their upcoming spring concert series, The Song and Dance Project, for which five out of seven company dancers are creating new and innovative choreography to works by collaborating musicians of Flannigan’s Right Hook, a local Kansas City Irish band. The Song and Dance Project continues Kacico’s tradition of interdisciplinary collaborations offering opportunities to talented performance artists in the greater Kansas City area.

8:30 PM: Town Pavilion

– The Smith Project performs four new original works. Two of these, Pull the Pylons Down and Modern Match, are presented and choreographed by Studio Resident Marisa MacKayPull the Pylons Down is an intense, modern-based piece, while Modern Match is more whimsical. Dancer and choreographer Bobbi Foudree presents Home, featuring stretching movement and quirky phrases. A piece by dancer and choreographer Halley Willcox showcases the dynamic abilities of The Smith Project Dancers. Dancers include Traci Jensen Davis, Kristen Feldmann, Bobbi Foudree, Tara Glaus, Margaret Gordon, Nicole Hall, Marisa MacKay, Leigh Patterson, and Halley Willcox.

9 PM: Paragraph Gallery

– For this performance of their 11th workshop, Black House Collective performs selections from their collaboration with the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. The composers have each based their individual compositions on pieces found in the ancient art exhibit in the Nelson which inspired them to explore themes of power, time, and decay. The performance features new compositions by Teri Quinn, Russell Thorpe, Ashley Hirt, Eric Chapman, Cody Kauhl, Chris Burnett, Brian Padavic, and Hunter Long. The ensemble consists of Teri Quinn, Michael Abrams, Melissa Champ, Russell Thorpe, Chris Burnett, Allie Burik, Cody Kauhl, Hunter Long, Ryan Thielman, Nick Howell, Ben Forshee, Ashley Hirt, John Chittum, Eric Chapman, Erik Augereau, Alyssa Murray, Brian Padavic, and Matt Leifer.

Saturday, March 9th (Noon-3 PM)

Noon-3 PM: Town Pavilion + pARTnership Place

– All Visual Artists’ Studios are open with artists present and welcoming visitors!

Noon-3 PM: Paragraph Gallery

– Introductory Portrait is on view displaying a selection of Studio Resident Artists’ personal influences and inspirational objects.


Noon: Paragraph Gallery

– Lisa Cordes‘ Box of Lamentations is a spoken word cycle exploring gun violence in America. Inspired by the Bibles’s Book of Lamentations, immortalized in the Rembrandt painting of the prophet Jeremiah’s seclusion in the cave, this spoken word cycle uses the idea of lamentation–a song of wailing–as the means to prove American gun culture, from musket to drone, and how in the 20th and 21st centuries, that culture and the ensuing violence, both real and fictional, have been disseminated by our televisions.

12:30 PM: Town Pavilion

– Gamelan Genta Kasturi performs traditional and modern Balinese Gamelan music including Kebyra Ding–a seminal transitional composition from post-colonial Bali; Catur Rawita–a four-tone work written for the group by the teacher Ketút Gedé Asnawa; and Angels & Demons at Play–a re-composition by Patrick Alonzo Conway of a Sun Ra piece. Audience members are invited to play the instruments after the performance; a hands-on-workshop will be available for those interested.

1-1:30 PM: pARTnership Place

– Tour of pARTnership Place Studios featuring short presentations by each Studio Resident.

2-3 PM: Town Pavilion

– Tour of Town Pavilion Studios featuring short presentations by each Studio Resident.

For photos of the event, check out our flickr.

Event Details

March 8th to March 9th, 2013


Paragraph Gallery (23 E 12th St. Kansas City, MO), Town Pavilion (1100 Walnut, 6th Floor Kansas City, MO), Partnership Place (906 Grand, 13th Floor Kansas City, MO)

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