Thursday, October 27, 2022 from 7:30-9:00 PM

Join us for a night of music and immersive video installation with Alter Destiny, a BCR Trio featuring Rev. Dwight Frizzell, Allaudin Ottinger, and Julia Thro. 

On Thursday, October 27, Alter Destiny will be performing Constellations, a ritual space for generative video, reeds, percussion, guitar, live electronics, the spoken word and self-transformation.

ProdoLAB is a monthly experimental platform that pairs Kansas City time-based artists, producers, and musicians to collaborate on a new piece. Artists showcase their work in an immersive, hour-long performance at Charlotte Street.
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Thursday, October 27, 2022 from 7:30-9:00 PM


Stern Theater @ Charlotte Street (3333 Wyoming)


Rev. Dwight Frizzell

Rev. Dwight is a composer, performer, writer and video artist. Dwight studied Afro-Futurist metaphysics with Sun Ra and video art with Douglas Davis. His teachers and mentors include clarinetist Raymond Luedeke, video artist Douglas Davis, Fellowship of Isis founder Lady Olivia Robertson and anarchist and Islamic scholar Hakim Bey, who ordained him in the Moorish Orthodox Church. His work was broadcast on NPR, presented at Musee d’Art Moderne for the 12th Biennale de Paris and screened at the Worldwide Video Festival in Amsterdam. He worked with John Cage, Pauline Oliveros, Stelarc, Moby, Step Buddy Anderson, Ellen Fullman, David Cope, David Ossman, Victor Papanek and Alvin Curran among others.  Beyond the Black Crack – his 1976 LP based on time-shifting black holes – was included in the infamous and influential Nurse with Wound List. He is a founding member of BCR, Packed Fruit, newEar, Myth-Science Ensemble, The Pitch newspaper and the national Hear Now Festival.

Beyond the Black Crack :
Allaudin Ottinger

Allaudin’s lifelong dedication to music’s ability to gather people in pursuit of the miraculous led him to Gurdjieff, Sufism, a deep darshan with Murshid Moineddin and study of the Nubian tar with Hamza El Din. Allaudin became leader of the Kansas City Sufi Center in 1979. He was ordained as Cherag in the Universal Worship by Murshida Fatima in 1980 and was honored with the title of Sheikh by Murshid Wali Ali in 1989. Allaudin produces Sufi inspired CDs including his most recent release Vision, Bewilderment and Love. He also plays and records with a Grammy-awarded children’s group. Allaudin is a founding member of BCR where his drumming and musical vision are celebrated internationally.

Vision, Bewilderment and Love :

in the Everywhere and Always :

Julia Thro

Julia has performed as a guitarist in the Kansas City area since 1982 with bands as diverse as Millard Fillmore, One of Us, Afrique, The Messengers, Joey Skidmore Band, Gerald Trimble Ensemble (where she played the Arabic lute) and Venus Envy. Her rock stylings can be heard on Joey Skidmore’s Ventriloquist Doll CD, and her lute work on Gerald Trimble’s Celtic Cantigas. She composed music for the National Audio Theatre Festivals, working with Firesign Theatre’s Phil Proctor and Starstruck author Elaine Lee. Julia has been the guitarist and a composer/arranger for BCR since 2000.

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