Thursday, May 25, 2023 from 7:30-9:00 PM

Join us for a night of music and immersive video installation where singer/songwriter, rapper, and producer Effie will premier new beats and rhymes in collaboration with visual artist Mattea.

ProdoLAB is a monthly experimental platform  in partnership with musician/composer Eddie Moore that pairs Kansas City time-based artists, producers, and musicians to collaborate on a new piece for a one-night-only showcase at Charlotte Street. Each performance is followed by a Q&A session with the artists.

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In a world gone mad we all search for that guiding light. The bat signal has been received by the eclectic artist known as Effie. She is from Kansas by the way of the boogie down Bronx where the city never sleeps but her roots run deep to La Isla del Encanto. Effie is effortless and effervescent. Her sound has dexterity and fluidity that brings together her blend of influences that were cultivated by dancing in soul train lines on a Sunday afternoon with the family. Her inspirations span from Miss Education, Ye, Kendrick, Hov, Stevie Wonder with a little Marc Anthony. Her range is limitless which is why she dons the moniker of Eff Curry because she doesn’t miss. Her talent for songwriting has been fueled by her unique perspective and her experiences as a young woman on her journey to self-discovery. Her voice conveys the full spectrum of the human condition as her staple sultry voice has a way of welcoming all and putting them in a trance as she weaves her stories in through your ears and around your heart and mind. The music speaks volumes but the individual behind the words and melodies has a story to tell, and we are all better for listening. You can stream her latest album Curve My Enthusiasm on all streaming platforms.




Mattea is a black, queer, multidisciplinary visual artist with roots in the Bay Area, currently living in Kansas City, MO. Their work centers around highlighting the artists, local makers, and community members in their area. Mattea captures each individual’s unique spirit and message through vivid, bold storytelling. Their work is a living and breathing representation of a moment of time seen through their eyes.

Event Details

Thursday, May 25 from 7:30-9:00 PM


Charlotte Street Stern Theater (3333 Wyoming)


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Charlotte Street Campus (3333 Wyoming)
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