Thursday, October 6, 2022 from 7:30-9:00 PM

Scratch Night is an eclectic salon of works-in-progress from KC’s most exciting generative artists alongside a unique audience feedback framework. This month’s lineup includes Dri Hernaez, Anna Boehm, and Jeanette Delaney!




Wheel of Fortune by Dri Hernaez

Wheel of Fortune revolves around the experiences of Alex and her best-worst opinions and snippets of life, including maintaining her relationship with her best friend, Leila, who views the world from a much different lens. As manifest in the tarot card – The Wheel of Fortune – Alex’s experiences shift between good and bad. Through a collage of monologues and vignettes, we see how relationships can make or break people’s experiences and perception of living and how they are also vital in order to endure the pains and chaos that exist outside of our control.

A new movement piece (title TBD) by Anna Boehm

A preview of a longer work-in-development, this new movement work explores questions around Midwestern cultural influence on self-identity. How does our region shape our perceptions of gender, sexuality, religious and spiritual beliefs, political views, morals, and more?

EGGS by Jeanette Delaney

EGGS is a play centered around three generations of women: young Wren, her mother Lydia, and her grandmother Joan. At a pivotal moment in all of their lives, each woman collides with the odd dysphoria associated with the knowledge that she is capable of carrying life— or not.


Event Details

Thursday, October 6 from 7:30-9:00 PM


Stern Theater @ Charlotte Street (3333 Wyoming)




Adrienne “Dri” Hernaez is a Filipino-American artist, currently in the MFA Acting program at the UMKC Conservatory. Dri grew up in the Bay Area in California and completed her undergrad in Elementary Education in Hawai’i where she then decided to no longer suffer under the small hands of TikTok dancing 2nd graders and pursue her passion in acting. Dri’s pronouns are she/her/hers and she is a raging ally of the LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities. Her credits include “Once I Was Engaged” (Purdie Distributions), “Cymbeline” (UMKC Conservatory), and “Zombie Prom” (Diablo Valley College).

Anna Boehm is a movement artist from the States, currently based in Kansas City. She has recently worked with: Waterperry Opera Festival (Oxford, UK), The Glitch Project (London), Fubunation (London), Olivia Emert (Kansas City), and Haley Kostas (Kansas City). Anna attended Trinity Laban Conservatoire earning a BA in contemporary dance and has trained at GagaLab NYC, BalletMet, The Kansas City Ballet, and Joffrey. Her current practice as it pertains to movement is focused around expanding ideologies around dance and following a process of questioning and exploring tendencies, habits, and power dynamics/hierarchical roles within dance.

Jeanette Delaney is an artist living in Kansas City. She recently graduated from UMKC with a BA in Theatre Performance. Directing credits include ‘Romeo & Juliet’ and ‘Waiting for Lefty’.  As an artist Jeanette’s goal is to scavenge for, locate, and celebrate the sublime essence of life on earth. She has never written a play before ‘EGGS’. This is her first rodeo.

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