Friday, February 19th to Saturday, March 6th, 2010

Sofa Kingdom in the Valley of Comic Sans, a new, site-specific installation by Kansas City based artists Timothy Amundson and Charlie Mylie, opens at Urban Culture Project Space, 21 East 12th Street, Friday February 19, 6-9pm. It runs through March 6, 2010.

For this project, Amundson and Mylie, both artists in UCP’s Studio Residency Program, are generating “an interactive, performative space of play.” This multi-media environment is envisioned as a platform for improvisations, cooperations, and transformations, whereby “actors become sculptures, performative games become improvisational dance, paintings become platforms, drawings become instructions, objects become tasks, formal sculptures become architectural interventions, and viewing becomes experience.” Over the course of the evening, such array of transformations will unfold, with visitors actively engaged as participants.

Approaching such materials as wood, fabric, guitars, electric fans, fermenting wine, pedestals, lights, plants, paint, play-dough, diverse found objects, and human beings as all active players in a real-time theatrical event, the artists’ intent is to “help us remember art as rituals, as decorations, as platforms, as props, as sacrifices, like toys, like games, as altars, as offerings, and as gifts,” and to remind us of human potential. Such reminder, they hope, “will inspire a light to shine into the darkened valley of comic sans.”

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Event Details

February 19th to March 6th, 2010


Urban Culture Project Space (21 E 12th St, KCMO)

Third Friday Reception
Friday, February 19th at 6-9 PM

Timothy Amundson received his BFA in Photography/Digital Filmmaking from Kansas City Art Institute in 2009. His work has been exhibited at Urban Culture Project’s Paragraph gallery, H&R Block Artspace (where he received the BFA Show Honor Award), and The Church in Kansas City; at August Program, Chicago; and at Carnegie Culture Center, New Hampton, Iowa. He is currently a UCP Studio Resident at City Center square studios.

Charlie Mylie received his BFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Kansas City Art Institute in 2009. He also studied at the Experimental Television Center Workshop at Alfred University and at Atlanta College of Art. His work has been exhibited at H&R Block Artspace, Urban Culture Project’s Jenkins Windows, KCAI Crossroads Gallery, and at the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Prague. He is an art teacher at Berkley Early Childhood and Family Development Center

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