Saturday, September 28, 2019 at 7:00 PM

Seth Davis, Colin Mosely and the Kansas City Electronic Music Arts Alliance are excited to share Techno Chapel, a 50 minute multimedia interactive performance at Charlotte Street’s Capsule performing space on Saturday, September 28, 2019.

The evening of live, experimental musical performances begins at 7:00 PM and is a FREE event intended for all audiences. Parking for the show can be located behind Capsule (located at 1664 Broadway Blvd) and can be found off of 17th Street. Street parking is also available on Washington Street, a block behind Capsule.

Davis and Mosely presented their first Audio Visual Performance, Swampthing September 2018 at la Esquina as a part of the Kansas City Performing Media Festival. As a follow up, Techno Chapel utilizes note and volume detection, in order to facilitate interactions between the musicians and the visuals comprised of videos of insects, human bodies, forests and computers.  By allowing the audience a space to reflect upon how networks communicate, Techno Chapel aims to ask the question how are humans communicating with digital, vegetal and animal bodies and how are we all connected?

Techno Chapel is a part of a larger trend of interdisciplinary and collaborative work between composers, choreographers, dancers and visual artists who use technology to facilitate new experiences with the natural world that heighten the involvement of other animals, plants and minerals. The musical composition is led by composer and musician Seth Andrew Davis along with local music ensemble Project C4. The interactive video is animated and programmed by video artist Colin Mosely. Techno Chapel also includes an additional solo performance by Barry Anderson, a Kansas City based artist working in video, music, photography and animation. 


Participating Artists:
Seth Davis, Colin Mosely, Project C4, Barry Anderson, Project C4 Consists of Derek Frank, Dylan Ward, Hao Yin, Gabbi Roderer, Tim J Harte, and Seth Andrew Davis

Event Details

Saturday, September 28, 2019 at 7:00 PM


Capsule (1664 Broadway Blvd., KCMO)

KcEMA – Kansas City Electronic Music and Arts Alliance Bio
The Kansas City Electronic Music and Arts Alliance (KcEMA) was founded in 2007 to encourage and develop understanding and appreciation of electronic music and to create an expansive sense of community for electronic musicians and other artists in the Kansas City Area. KcEMA organizes concerts of electronic music and collaborative projects with generative and performing artists. KcEMA provides a forum for electronic musicians and artists in other media to collaborate, exchange ideas, and grow as an interactive, supportive community. 

Seth Andrew Davis Bio
Seth Andrew Davis is a performer and composer from the Kansas City area. Davis is involved in many different genres including, jazz, rock, classical, electronic, electro-acoustic, and free improvisation. Davis is a recent graduate of the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music and Dance in Kansas City, MO where he studied with  Jim Mobberley, Paul Rudy, Zhou Long, Chen Yi, Mara Gibson and Michael Miller. As an artist, Davis’ process can be closely related to that of an auteur, the film critic term for a director whose work reflects their creative vision and fingerprint.

Davis wishes to blur the lines between genres, composer and performer, and artistic mediums. Davis is an avid collaborator, having worked with choreographers, video artists, animators, playwrights etc. Davis has written for ensembles such as (pro)ject c4, Mneomsyne Quartet, and Second Nature Ensemble. Davis has released his electronic music under the pseudonyms The Gods Hate Kansas, Mr Sandman, and Ghost In The Machine.

Davis is also a founding member of Second Nature, a free jazz/new music/math-rock ensemble, BetaMax, Re-Animator, BL@KLI$T, and the Davis and Harte duo. Davis is also the guitarist for the new music ensemble (pro)Ject c4, and currently serves as the vice president of KcEMA (Kansas City Electronic Music and Arts Alliance).

Colin Mosely Bio
Colin Mosely is a New Media artist who uses animation, 3d modeling, and programming to create interactive art. He is the cofounder(Hugh Sato) of Robot Rauschenberg (RR), a New Media collective working to bring together traditional and technological art forms in performative and material ways. RR has exhibited, performed, and presented workshops nationally at Comfort Station, Salonathon, the University of Illinois, and the MCA. Mosely has exhibited his work locally at the UMKC Gallery of Art, Wallace Engineering, and la Esquina for Kansas City’s first
Performing Media Festival. Mosely received his BFA from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and is currently an MA Candidate at the University of Missouri – Kansas City with a focus in Video Art and New Media studies. His art practice focuses on the non-human, specifically how plant life relates to human and technological interventions. 

Project c4 is a cutting edge new music ensemble that promotes fresh ideas for the audience by breaking with classical music tradition through free improvisation and newly commissioned music with an original, yet flexible, instrumentation which includes flute, saxophone, percussion, piano, electric guitar, and computer. By engaging the community through performance, we will increase the exposure to and push the boundaries of experimental music. All this in pursuit of our goal to inspire others to experience, support, and enjoy experimental music and free improvisation.

Project c4 Bio
Founded in the beginning of 2018, Project c4 has premiered compositions by Dylan Findley, Ying Ting Lin, and our own composer and pianist Yin Hao. These pieces were premiered during the Exchange of Midwest Collegiate Composers – Festival of New Music at the University of Iowa, and at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Our future plans include the continuation of commissioning new works with new ideas as well as creating interdisciplinary projects with visual artists, dancers, and theatrical production. We plan to explore the far reaches of free improvisation within the densely populated art scene in Kansas City and beyond.

Next Event

2024 Gala


Saturday, October 19 from 7:00-11:00 PM

Charlotte Street Campus (3333 Wyoming)
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