Wednesday, April 10, 2024 from 6:00-8:00 PM


New Orleans-based writer, artist, and curator Kristina Kay Robinson will introduce the elements of art criticism, from viewing exhibitions to examining the institutions that produce them. As a prerequisite for this workshop, participants are required to prepare a writing sample to review during the session. Robinson will walk participants through the editing process and share tips on how to advance their writing.


Kristina Kay Robinson is a writer, curator, and visual artist born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. She is the coeditor of Mixed Company, a collection of short fiction and visual narratives by women of color.

Robinson’s ongoing installation and performance art project, Republica: Temple of Color and Sound has been presented in the exhibition Welcome to the Afrofuture during Miami Art Week, New Museum’s residency program, Ideas City, New Orleans African American Museum in collaboration with MoMA’s Reconstructions: Architecture and Blackness in America, and is currently featured in Notes For Tomorrow with Independent Curators International. She is the co-editor of Mixed Company, a collection of short fiction and visual narratives by women of color. In addition to the anthology, the collective of writers hosted free cultural programming in the city of New Orleans. Notable events included a reading and lecture by Black Arts Movement poet, Sonia Sanchez at Le Musée de F.P.C and the American premiere of the award-winning Eritrean-Italian documentary, Asmarina. Robinson’s curatorial endeavors include Sudanese artist, Khalid Abdel Rahman’s A Disappearance hosted in 2017 by the Arts Council of New Orleans and Welcome to the Afrofuture: The Matrix of Creativity: Where the River Meets the Sea with New Orleans African American Museum.

She is a 2018 recipient of Tulane University’s Center for the Gulf South’s Monroe Fellowship, as well as a 2021 resident at A Studio in the Woods, a program of Tulane University’s ByWater Institute. Her writing in various genres has appeared in Art in America, Guernica, The Baffler, The Nation, The Massachusetts Review, and Elle among other outlets. Robinson is a 2019 recipient of the Rabkin Prize for Visual Arts Journalism. Currently, she serves as the New Orleans editor at large for the Atlanta-based, Burnaway Magazine.

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Wednesday, April 10 from 6:00-8:00 PM


Charlotte Street Kemper Library (3333 Wyoming St)



Timbre /ˈtambər/ noun

the character or quality of a musical sound or voice as distinct from its pitch and intensity.

The Timbre Arts Writing Incubator is a series of workshops cultivating critical arts writing in the Midwest through exhibition reviews, arts criticism, and other narrative formats. Participants have the opportunity to connect with a faculty of local and regional editors, writers, and curators to generate new perspectives on Kansas City’s contemporary arts scene.

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