Friday, June 11 through Saturday, July 10, 2021

[Phainesthai] Prairie Translations is an aural/visual art exhibition that is the result of regional artists who worked experientially within the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve that is located at the geographical center of the United States and is considered one of the most endangered ecosystems in the world. It not only exists as a geological reality, it is also a place that is illuminated by the viewpoints of the people who give it meaning. The title refers to the revealing of truth beyond appearance.

The exhibition will be a screening of Cyan Meeks’ experiential non-verbal documentary film Phainesthai, (22-minutes) and the live performance of Susan Mayo’s Tallgrass Studies sound compositions by the Switchgrass String Quartet. The film addresses how geological and ecological memory can engage individual experience by the embodiment of place with human understanding and aspirations.

The film includes the work of nationally known timelapse artist Luke McKinney. The sound performance is an interpretation of the aural experience of the Flint Hills set within a musical composition in four movements: I Ornithology & Anemology (study of birds and the movements of wind), II Entomology (study of insects), III Agrostology (study of grasses) and IV Ethnochoreology (study of dance). Both works explore ideas surrounding representing and re-presenting documents of actuality to kindle an exchange between viewer and the ecosystem, fostering a personal sense of responsibility, awareness and inspired stewardship of this nationally significant geological site.

The work was produced in partnership with the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, the Tallgrass Artist Residency, and in collaboration with Park Rangers Jeff Rundell, Heather Brown and Eric Patterson.

Featuring: Cyan Meeks, Luke McKinney, Susan Mayo, Switchgrass String Quartet

Film screenings will be on view from June 11-July 10 in Charlotte Street’s theater (3333 Wyoming St)


Phainesthai Live Performances by Switchgrass String Quartet 

Friday, June 11, 6:30PM & 7:30PM

Saturday, June 12, 12:00PM