Friday, June 11 through Saturday, July 10, 2021

Within the identity of any singular person, there are multiplicities. There are various versions of ourselves to consider: past/present/future, self at best/self at worst, self as part of various communities. Experience, ancestry, and environment come together to define the internal and external worlds of an individual human. These artists explore aspects of their identities- as parts of a whole, and as whole universes in and of themselves.

Featuring: Max Adrian, Julie Farstad, Gonzalo Hernandez, Judith G. Levy, Jason Lips, Alexandra Robinson, Chico Sierra, Harold Smith, Sara Sonié Joi Thompson-Ruffin, Jillian Youngbird


Beading Workshop

Saturday, June 12, 10:00AM-12:00 PM, CSF Library

Artist Jillian Youngbird will lead a workshop of up to 10 people.  She will demonstrate basic beading techniques and participants will create a patch that describes some aspect of their identity. Pre-registration via Eventbrite required.

“Who We Are” Livestream Artist Talk

Tuesday, July 6, 6:00pm, ZOOM + Facebook Live

Artists from the Exhibition will be in casual conversation with each other, engaging in the ideas and themes presented in the exhibition. The conversation will be livestreamed in a fishbowl format and facilitated by Amy Kligman, Charlotte Street’s Executive Artistic Director and curator of Who We Were/Who We Are/Who We Will Be.

For the Life of MeStorytelling Workshop w/ David Wayne Reed

Saturday, July 10, 10:30AM-12PM, Kemper Library at Charlotte Street (3333 Wyoming)

For the Life of Me is a writing workshop led by David Wayne Reed (creator of Shelf Life, and Goliath) where participants learn to identify and craft the stories of their own lives using dramatic structure and generative exercises to explore identity, trajectory, and personal mythology.

Who We Were, Who We Are, Who We Will Be Exhibition