A Yearlong Exhibition Series

Charlotte Street Foundation is pleased to present 25, a series celebrating Charlotte Street Foundation’s 25th Anniversary and 25 years of grantmaking to individual artists via the Charlotte Street Visual and Performing Awards. 25 artists who have received the award over the years have been invited to present a series of installations and performances at the Charlotte Street campus that will accumulate incrementally throughout 2022.  These installations will appear in the intermittent spaces of the Charlotte Street Campus (lobby, courtyard, library, workshop) and will run concurrently with exhibitions in the CSF gallery and programming in Stern Theater. Installations will remain up through the end of 2022.

The first installation, featuring Elijah Gowan (CSF Fellow 2006), Rodolfo Marron III (2016), and Rachel Hayes (2004) was installed on February 19 in the south lobby window, library, and north lobby ceiling at Charlotte Street’s Campus main building at 3333 Wyoming . The second installation, which features Emily Sall (2007) and Luke Rocha (2012), was installed May 7th. A performance event that evening in the courtyard at Charlotte Street featured Generative Performing Artist award winners David Wayne Reed (2019), Vi Tran (2020), and Glenn North (2009). The third installation, on July 16, will open in tandem with a Community Block Party and Anniversary celebration at Charlotte Street’s campus and outdoor courtyard, and will feature community engaged public works from Adriane Herman (2007), Kati Toivanen (2001), and Jillian Youngbird (2018), a new mural work from Stephen Proski (2012), and music from Eddie Moore (2019), Jeff Harshbarger (2015), and Marcus Lewis (2019).  

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The full year of installation and performance schedule for the series is as follows:

February 19

Elijah Gowan (2006)
Rodolfo Marron III (2016)
Rachel Hayes (2004)

May 7
Emily Sall (2007)
Luke Rocha (2012)
David Wayne Reed (2019)
Vi Tran (2020)
Glenn North (2009)

July 16
Adriane Herman (2007)
Kati Toivanen (2001)
Jillian Youngbird (2018)
Stephen Proski (2012)
Eddie Moore (2019)
Jeff Harsbarger (2015)
Marcus Lewis (2019)

September 3
Egawa +Zbryk (2007)
Fatimah Tuggar (2019)
Archie Scott Gobber (1998)
Marcie Miller Gross (2002)
Calvin Arsenia (2022)
The Black Creatures (2022)

November 5
Rashawn Griffin (2007)
Anthony Baab (2006)
Kathy Liao (2021)
Anne Austin Pearce (2012)  


Installation 2: Reception + Performances

May 7 from 5:00-6:30 PM | Charlotte Street Campus

Please join us for the opening reception of 25: Celebrating 25 Years of Charlotte Street Award Fellows, accompanied by performances by Charlotte Street Award Fellows Vi Tran (CSF Award Fellow 2020), David Wayne Reed (2019), and Glenn North (2009).

Vi Tran will be examining the potent and empathetic power of storytelling through a selection of theatre, prose, and poetry. His work is an insightful excavation into the legacy burden of a refugee child and the universal need for belonging, dressed in the plainspoken straight-forwardness of his southwestern Kansas roots.

David Wayne Reed will present a collection of narrative remnants that explore land, lineage, legacy, and loss.

Glenn North will share a series of ekphrastic poems and poems that were produced in partnership with other artists and activists. These works demonstrate the new directions and paths of creativity that can emerge from the collaborative process in ways that are aesthetically compelling as well as useful in the pursuit of social justice.

Masks required indoors. To learn more about our COVID-19 Protocol, visit

Installation 3: Reception + Performances

July 16 from 1:00-5:00 PM | Charlotte Street Campus.

Join Charlotte Street for a free community block party to celebrate our 25th Anniversary! The third installation of 25, the Charlotte Street Fellow Anniversary exhibit will also premiere at this event, featuring community engaged public works from Adriane Herman (2007), Kati Toivanen (2001), and Jillian Youngbird (2018), a new mural work from Stephen Proski (2012), and music from Eddie Moore (2019), Jeff Harshbarger (2015), and Marcus Lewis (2019).

3:00 PM – Marcus Lewis

3:45 PM – Eddie Moore

4:30 – Jeff Harshbarger

Emotional Value Auction 

July 16 from 1:00-5:00 PM | Charlotte Street Campus

Capitalizing on the power of witnessing to release blocks and facilitate letting go, an Emotional Value Auction is a participatory exchange grounded in reciprocity. Objects are collected and displayed by Experience Broker and 2000 Charlotte Street Award Recipient, Adriane Herman, along with written statements from the objects’ owners about how they came to own the item and why it is time to let go. No money changes hands; written statements of interest from viewers replace financial bids, foregrounding other metrics of value. Authentic written expression and shared vulnerability are rewarded and are rewards in themselves.

The auction will be held during the community block party on Saturday, July 16, 2022.

Installation 4: Reception + Performances

September 3 from 6:00-7:30 PM | Charlotte Street Campus

Please join us for the opening reception of 25: Celebrating 25 Years of Charlotte Street Award Fellows, accompanied by performances by Charlotte Street Generative Performing Artist Award Fellows The Black Creatures (CSF Award Fellow 2022) and Calvin Arsenia (2022). This event will premiere works by Visual Artist Award Fellows Egawa + Zbryk (2004), Fatimah Tuggar (2019), Archie Scott Gobber (1998), and Marcie Miller Gross (2002).

6:00 PM – The Black Creatures
6:45 PM – Calvin Arsenia

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Next installment premiering September 3, 2022


Charlotte Street Foundation (3333 Wyoming)

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