Construction for Charlotte Street Foundation’s new headquarters set to begin later this summer

KANSAS CITY, Mo, July 10, 2019: Charlotte Street Foundation is excited to announ­­ce that construction will begin later this summer for its new headquarters at 3333 Wyoming Street, Kansas City, MO, 64111, along the Roanoke industrial corridor. The new…

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On the Other Side: Reflections on William Plummer’s Passages to my Ā pó: Transplanted Joss

The word “melt” suggests potential, a process triggered by a reaction. What triggers is numerous, but how do traditions, roles, definitions, entire notions of being and selfhood begin to melt away through our work? What gets left behind? The artists featured in the exhibition Melt, as stated by curator Camile E. Messerly, “are in-transition,” but where are they going? And are we as viewers on this same journey? This work required to proceed from one place to another–whether physical, spiritual, mental, or emotional–occupied me as I analyzed William Plummer’s installation Passages to my Ā pó: Transplanted Joss.

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This Kansas City Art Institute Grad Helped Taylor Swift Tell People To ‘Calm Down’

Former Rocket Grant recipient Megan Mantia recently helped produce Taylor Swift's new video.


New Artboards installed in Kansas City’s Crossroads District above Mobank

KANSAS CITY, MO, June 10, 2019: Charlotte Street Foundation is proud to announce that the next iteration of the 2019-20 Artboards have been installed above Mobank at 125 Southwest Boulevard in the Crossroads District of Kansas City, MO. This version of…

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Truth In Memory – Photographs by Lauren Whitacre

Melt showcases artists working in the realm of the in-between. The in-between relies on objects and sensations to unpack our understanding of home. Located somewhere between documentary and fiction, Lauren Whitacre’s images hint at the relationship between generations of women. Specifically, Whitacre explores her own relationship with her mother by means of constructed joint memories.

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A conversation with yellow: on the work of b becvar

My conversations with b and their work have been about vulnerability and the construction of self. For us research is an essential reference point. We pulled books from the shelf in my living room, flipping through marginalia and reference points, discussing the different stacks, their lead topics, the process of organization, and the conversations between them.

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Before an Immense Sky

Before and Immense Sky is a deeply personal experimental film about marriage, sight, sound, and the boundless distance between people. There will be an audio description of the film made and distributed to blind and visually impaired audience members, while sighted audience members will experience the film without sound.

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Charlotte Street Foundation opens call for 2019-2020 Studio Residency Program

Call closes on Monday, May 27 at 11:59 PM (Mountain Time). Apply HERE. KANSAS CITY, Mo, April 30, 2019: Charlotte Street Foundation is now accepting applications for its Studio Residency Program that runs from September 2019 through September 2020. App…


Charlotte Street Foundation and Spencer Museum of Art reveal the 2019-20 Rocket Grants award recipients

KANSAS CITY, Mo, April 30, 2019: Charlotte Street Foundation and the Spencer Museum of Art are proud to announce this year’s recipients for the 2019-20 Rocket Grants awards. Funded by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, the Rocket Grants pr…


Charlotte Street Foundation opens NEW NEW NEW on First Friday, May 3 in la Esquina Gallery

KANSAS CITY, Mo, April 29, 2019: Charlotte Street Foundation is excited to present NEW NEW NEW, a special week-long exhibition, in la Esquina Gallery from Friday, May 3 through Friday, May 10, 2019. NEW NEW NEW is an exploratory, project-based initiati…