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Estamos Sin Fronteras: Mary Kuvet in Bricolaje

Mary Kuvet’s indigo resist dyed work is a consideration of both personal and cultural identity, an attempt to locate a mixed Mexican-American identity. The series Hybrid Flags begins as an approximation of a Mexican flag, two dark vertical stripes with a white stripe and eagle and snake in the center.

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Press coverage from Informality Blog

Beyond the Whiteness of Spaces: Finding Phenomenology, Race, and Queerness in Bricolaje

The artists featured in the group exhibition Bricolaje redirect us from whiteness. Curated by C.J. Charbonneau and Narciso Argüelles, each object has a story, shaped by an experience not here–quite literally, by experiences not white. The show addresses the ongoing immigration crisis and the narratives that dictate what we see and know, giving us a new point to consider.

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Flipping the Lid

Kansas City may be synonymous with jazz, but when it comes to those more eccentric compositions — the intricate and the avant-garde — a lot of music falls through the cracks. Fortunately the Spine Showcase, held every third Thursday at the Capsule event space on 1664 Broadway Blvd., is picking up the slack.

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Expanding Horizons: Fuko Ito

One look into the world of Fuko Ito’s art will provide an ethereal and colorful thrill, but look longer and look closer. While Fuko’s art may feel unfamiliar at first, it warms up, becoming comforting and close. Her Plushscapes, filled with Fumblys and…

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Bricolaje, at La Esquina, examines the personal and the political in the Mexican-American experience

In the news, a border wall is discussed as an economic concern, immigration reduced to statistics and talking points. Bricolaje, a new exhibition at Charlotte Street Foundation’s gallery La Esquina (1000 W 25th St), offers the personal and the specific in contrast to these political generalizations. It manages to be timely without being reactionary.

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Charlotte Street Foundation’s Studio Residency Program welcomes audiences for Open Studios on April 20

KANSAS CITY, Mo, April 15, 2019: Charlotte Street Foundation’s Studio Residency program opens its doors on Saturday, April 20, 2019 for its annual Open Studios event! Open Studios is located in the downtown Town Pavilion building on the sixth floor (11…


Narrative, Nostalgia, and New Perspectives: Karen Lisondra’s Take on Theater

Karen Lisondra is a storyteller. She doesn’t just tell her own stories though. She speaks about the experiences of many people, making sure every voice is heard. Karen isn’t always speaking either, sometimes that really doesn’t get the whole point acro…


Beyond the Page: How Madison Mae Parker Writes Outside the Box

When I interviewed Madison Mae Parker it was clear that she was a writer and performer. She spoke with confidence and poise, navigating and articulating her answers effortlessly. But Madison Mae’s work takes poetry beyond the ordinary and expected: she…


Get Into the Groove: An Afternoon with Daniel Hogans

My interview with Daniel began with us sitting in chairs, which is pretty standard for an interview. However, I quickly learned that this would not be a standard interview. Instead, we would spend the next two hours talking, laughing, performing, and l…


Patchwork Portfolio: A Chat with Luke Haynes

You know how they say some people look like their dogs, well some people act like their dogs too. Luke Haynes, a current Charlotte Street Foundation studio resident, has the same warm and welcoming temperament as his 9-month old Irish Wolfhound Honey D…