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Troost Troost Troost is a collaborative project of University of Kansas School of Architecture, Design and Planning, the Kansas City Art Institute Graphic Design Department, and el dorado inc, which explores the present and future of Troost Avenue.  It opens at Project Space, 21 East 12th Street, on Friday May 21, 6-9pm, and runs through June 12.


What is Troost Avenue in 2010?  And what role might architecture play in shaping its future?  Which pieces of its history, physical and cultural fabric are important to carry forward? Troost, Troost, Troost encompasses a series of iterative architectural proposals exploring the potential of an incremental infill approach to revitalizing Troost Avenue, with a program including a public radio station, a branch library, a community bank, an urban Habitat ReStore, and mixed-use commercial and residential development  on the section of Troost Avenue from 39th Street to Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard.  Also included are video essays and graphic design work that explore the critical issue of understanding Troost for what it is today. 

Exhibition hours at Thursdays + Saturdays, 12-5pm. Read full press release. 

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