One artist per year selected by Charlotte Street to attend the Prestigious Art Omi Residency Program in Upstate New York


In 2005, Charlotte Street added an opportunity for one Award recipient to attend the Art Omi Residency. Art Omi is a highly respected international artists residency program in Upstate New York. All past Award recipients are invited to submit applications to Art Omi with one spot guaranteed for a Charlotte Street artists and selected by the Art Omi selection panel. Not only does the selected artist benefit from the fully-funded residency and professionally curated exhibition, but all applicants have their work viewed by a selection panel comprised of nationally known artists, arts professionals, and art collectors.

highly respected international artists residency program

Charlotte Street Award recipient selected to attend each year

Fully-funded residency



Jill Downen (2024)
Harold Smith (2023)
Kathy Liao (2022)
Jillian Youngbird (2020)
Glyneisha Johnson (2019)
Rashawn Griffin (20180
Rodolfo Marron III (2017)
Miki Baird (2016)
Cory Imig (2015)
Judith G. Levy (2014)
Paul Anthony Smith (2013)
Sonie Joi Ruffin (2012)
Deanna Dikeman (2011)
May Tveit (2010)
Anne Lindberg (2009)
Peregrine Honig (2008)
David Ford (2007)
Michael Converse (2006)