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The Machine the Sneetches Built is a whimsical, kinetic, sound-producing, and interactive installation and performance by sculptor Bobby Zokaites and composer John Chittum, collaboration with composers Andrew Seager Cole and Brad Van Wick.

The Machine the Sneetches Built examines the ideas of playfulness, whimsy, Seussian metaphor, and collaboration. This Artsounds project, presented at Charlotte Street’s Paragraph gallery, launches with a one-night performance, followed by a short-term exhibition. The public is invited to see, hear, and play with this installation of sound-producing kinetic sculptures, games, and additional interactive elements meant to be shared by a group of friends and strangers.

Performance: Tuesday, November 13, 7:30pm, FREE
Location: Paragraph Gallery / 23 East 12th Street KCMO 64105
Installation Runs: November 14-16
Gallery Hours: noon-5pm daily, featuring artists on-hand to assist the public in interacting with the sculptures

The Machine the Sneetches Built centers around a large music box powered by a pulley style system. Smaller kinetic sculptures powered by audience members will be spread through the gallery focusing on percussion sounds. Two stations contain video games with live scores created by the players. There will also be music in the background, inviting people to play along with the bells, whistles, and mechanical sounds, or by playing their own music.

The November 13 performance will kick-off with two long form electro-acoustic works: “Putney Chutney” by John Chittum, “Bubolz Walk” by Andrew Seager Cole, followed by guided improvisational pieces by Brad Van Wick and John Chittum using the kinetic sculpture, electronics, and live instruments. This improvisation will set the mood by showing attendees ways of interacting with the games and kinetic sculptures. Visitors will be invited to join in by playing the games, turning cracks, bicycling, and interacting with the music created by “the Machine.”

During gallery hours November 14-17,  Zokaites, Chittum, and others will be on hand to assist members of the public in interacting with the sculptures.

Learn more about ArtSounds, the artist, and the composers in the Press Release.

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