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Charlotte Street is pleased to host Sycamore House, a series of performances presented and curated by Kansas City composer and musician, Shawn Hansen. This January 20th showcase is the second in the series and features performances by local and out of town artists. For this winter installment of the Sycamore House Series, the focus is on non-electric, acoustic music-making in the 21st century. Out of town solo acts include Daniel Bachman on acoustic guitar and Ian McColm on percussion. Kansas City-based artists include J. Ashley Miller performing a solo acoustic set as JAMetatone, and DJ “Long Con” Hughes spinning 78 rpm records on his hand-cranked Victrola between sets. The genres span Psychedelic Appalachia guitar playing, improvised jazz trap-set drumming, next generation spiritual songwriting, and acoustically recorded music from the earlier part of the 20th century played and listened to by modern ears.

Date:     Sunday, January 20, 2013
Time:     Doors open at 8pm, show starts at 9pm
Venue:   Paragraph / 23 East 12th St. KCMO 64105
Tickets: $8 suggested donation
Featuring: Daniel Bachman, Ian McColm, Jametatone (J. Ashley Miller) + DJ “Long Con” Hughes

Daniel Bachman is a 22-year-old musician born and raised in Fredericksburg, VA. He has been playing what he describes as “psychedelic appalachia” since he was a teenager, releasing small run editions of tapes, CDs, and LPs for the past three years, with a sound that evolved from drones and banjos to a guitar-centered focus.  Touring off and on since the age of 17, Bachman has managed to cover thorough ground across the US, sharing stages with like-minded folk such as fellow Fredericksburg native Jack Rose, for whom he fashioned the artwork for the posthumous release of Luck In The Valley.  His newest effort is the full length LP Seven Pines, sprung from a year living and working in the city of Philadelphia.  The sound results in a combination of homesick worried blues and the ecstatic buzz of fresh experience and a new life in unknown territory – familiar and known, but also seeking to access memories from lives past, dead and gone. Listen to tracks from Daniel Bachman’s Seven Pines.

Ian McColm is a drummer, guitarist, and composer from Alexandria, VA. Aside from his work with ambient guitar duo Nagual, he has appeared on releases from Feeding Tube and Marmara Records and shared stages and bills with likes of Rufus Reid, Aaron Dilloway, Chris Corsano, Robert Turman, Home of Easy Credit, MV/EE, Ben Greenberg, and Sylvaine Helary. In fall of 2012, Ian was featured on two new releases: Leminiscate Duo, with Washington, D.C. drone artist Chris Videll, and the Nagual/Katie Buono collaboration. Listen to tracks from Ian McClom.

JAMetatone is the newest manifestation of J. Ashley Miller’s musical impulse. Moving beyond computer music, this work strives to acknowledge the human being as the pinnacle of the high tech. Vibrating strings held in two hands, songwriting as spiritual weaponry. Each performance lifts the veil gently, with a bit of hilaritas. Learn more and listen to tracks by JAMetatone.

Find out more about this Sycamore House Performance in this press release.

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