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Trilling, Gerry. Hidden Minority, 2010  Daharsh, Chris. Image Pliability, 2012 Gotch, Jane & Hansen, Shawn E. revelation is locked in motion, 2013

Charlotte Street presents 2013 Curator-in-Residence Jamilee Polson Lacy’s final Kansas City curatorial project rises Zora, a multi-venue visual arts project, featuring artists and thinkers who illustrate the complexities of the labyrinth as a concept encompassing nearly every aspect of urban experience. Staging installations, performances, and screenings across the Kansas City metro area, these individuals and collaboratives activate and connect the city’s dynamic spaces in their efforts to navigate the urban labyrinth.

During the project, Charlotte Street’s la Esquina operates as the rises Zora informational hub, archive, and installation center featuring a two person exhibition with artists Chris Daharsh and Gerry Trilling, and a site-specific installation from collaborators artist James Woodfill and architect David Dowell. In addition, rises Zora features multiple, varying public programs taking place in locations across the entire metro area.

Date: Opening Reception, May 10, 6-9pm, FREE
Location: la Esquina / 1000 W 25th St. KCMO 64108
Gallery Hours: Wed, Fri, Sat 12-5pm; Thurs 11am-6pm
rises Zora Project Runs: May 10 – June 15, 2013
Project Website:
Public programs: for dates, times, and locations for the over 15 different events view the Public Program Schedule and visit; the majority of events are FREE and open to the public (a few require advance RSVP).

  • Garden Parties – Urban parks and city gardens bring nature into the ultimate built environment—the city; and they are public spaces which provide a beautiful and safe space for imaginative play, respite, escape, and privacy from the rest of the busy urban labyrinth. The Garden Parties are a platform for artists and performers to engage audiences and park/garden users across the city. See dates, times, and locations for Garden Parties.
  • Walking the Urban Labyrinth – Movement is essential in the urban labyrinth. In an attempt to understand the urban labyrinth and its make up, rises Zora features a series of walks/tours/adventures on foot lead by local artists and thinkers. See dates, times, and locations for Walks.
  • Movies in the Parking Lot – Parking lots typically only store cars; however, they could operate more like parks and gardens, as pit stops through the urban labyrinth, as sites for community interaction. “Movies in the Parking Lot,” curated by Chicago’s Academy Records, repurposes parking lots throughout Kansas City to showcase urban labyrinth-themed works by video artists and filmmakers. See dates, times, and locations for Movies in the Parking Lot.
  • Field Works – At outdoor sites across Kansas City, experimental art performances and time-based installations are presented with site specificity in mind while considering the wide implications of labyrinthine narratives, forms, and experiences specific to local urbanity. See dates, times, and locations for Field Works.

La Esquinarises Zora Communication Headquarters, Gallery Presentation, and Installation Site
For the duration of rises Zora, Charlotte Street’s la Esquina operates as the communication headquarters with an informational hub and archive, providing event listings, documentation, literature, maps and more. La Esquina also features a two person exhibition and a site-specific installation:

  • Gallery Presentation – Featuring work by Chris Daharsh and Gerry Trilling that approaches spatial and conceptual themes of the labyrinth.  Read more.
  • Site-Specific Installation – A collaborative work by El Dorado, Inc. architect David Dowell and artist James Woodfill, this installation focuses on the nooks and crannies inherent in the mazes of a building’s floor plans. Read more.

rises Zora Publications
rises Zora is accompanied by both an artist-designed poster with complete schedule of events and a comprehensive interactive, multimedia online catalogue. The catalogue will feature an essay by the Curator-in-Residence, Jamilee Polson Lacy, contextualizing the project within a historical and theoretical investigation of the labyrinth specific to Kansas City and its artists. Explore the rises Zora online catalogue.

Learn more in the press release with updated Public Program Schedule.

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