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Charlotte Street Foundation and ArtSounds are pleased to present MicroChromatic, an interactive performance installation that explores the relationships between sound and visualization.

Dates:  Tuesday, November 12, 6-10pm + Friday, November 15, 6-10pm
Location: Paragraph Gallery / 21 East 12th Street, Downtown KCMO
Tickets: Free, Limited Seating! Reserve FREE tickets HERE

An ArtSounds performance, MicroChromatic is created by a group of Kansas City artists experimenting with new media. The collaborative is made up of visual artists, composers, and technological engineers.

MicroChromatic is a 15 minute experience performed three times an hour, between six and ten PM. It will feature a cylindrical chamber constructed to create NOT sensory deprivation but sensory SATURATION. Guests will be invited to enter into an encompassing 10ft in diameter and 14ft tall tubular light box for a 15 minute show. Original compositions will be performed live in sync with featured video depicting synesthetic experiences utilizing six palettes of colors; black, crimson, violet, gold, blue, and white.

Featured Local Artists: Carmen Moreno, Michael Miller, Eli Hougland, Daniel Goggin, Eric Souther, Russell Thorpe, and Brad Van Wick.  Past collaborative projects include Lissajous Laborium, featured at Plug Projects in 2012. More about these artists.


Initiated by faculty from the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music and Dance and the Kansas City Art Institute, ArtSounds explores cross-media expression through creative concert-making.

For more details, see the full Press Release.

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