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Charlotte Street Presents: Barnyard Slop Trough + Clean Palate: A Night with a Chef, January 22-23, 2015
In-development art film comes to Kansas City, seeks audience-extras for filming event

Filmmaker Jack Gustafson, in collaboration with actor Luke Pretz and producer Lindsey Griffith, invite the public to two free-to-attend events at Charlotte Street Foundation’s la Esquina Gallery, January 22 and January 23, that factor into the development of the fictional documentary Barnyard Slop Trough. Composed of an interactive installation, performance-lecture, and live filming, Barnyard Slop Trough and Clean Palate blur the line between fiction and reality, and double as tongue-in-cheek takes on ‘foodie culture.’ A parody of the ‘farm-to-table’ movement, join Gustafson, Pretz, and Griffith as they prepare and film a pivotal scene in their project.

Performance & Interactive Exhibition: Clean Palate: A Night with a Chef
When: Thurs, Jan 22, 2015
Where: la Esquina Gallery, 1000 W. 25th Street, KCMO
Time: 6:00pm – Interactive Culinary Displays; 7:00pm – Lecture and Cooking Demo

Exhibition: Barnyard Slop Trough
When: Fri, Jan 23, 2015
Where: la Esquina Gallery, 1000 W. 25th Street, KCMO
Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm

Details: Early footage and other ephemera from the in-progress film will be on view at la Esquina during both events.  Their engagement at la Esquina will launch on Thursday, January 22 with Clean Palate: A Night with a Chef, an interactive installation and performance-lecture given by main character Fredrick Klise (Pretz). In it, Klise examines the intersection of spiritual, psychic, and physical sustenance in the age of limitless digital re-experiencing. Complete with an interactive culinary display, a lecture inspired by the popular TED Talks, and a culinary demonstration, the evening will begin at 6pm, with the performance-lecture beginning at 7pm.

On Friday, January 23, the artists present Barnyard Slop Trough, an exhibition and live filming of a key scene from the fictional documentary that will feature many Kansas City artists, chefs, critics, intellectuals, and farmers participating in a communal meal. Audiences are welcome to interact with cast and crew, partake in the meal, and will act as film extras as they witness the action unfold, starting at 7pm.

For more details and artist information see the full Press Release.

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