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The 3rd visual arts exhibition of the Charlotte Street Studio Residency – Visiting Curator Series


(From left: Hannah Carr, Untitled Collage, 2015; Sarah Hearn, Artificial Colony 08, 2015)

Charlotte Street presents “Aggregate: Structure and Space” at its Paragraph and Project Space galleries (21 – 23 E. 12th St., Kansas City, Mo), opening Thursday, August 13 with a reception from 5-8 p.m. The third exhibition of the 2014-15 Charlotte Street Studio Residency – Visiting Curator Series, local arts professionals are invited to curate projects featuring the work of current Studio Residents including visual artworks and performances. The exhibition is curated by Kiosk Gallery owners/curators Erin and Eric Dodson.

Aggregate: Structure and Space” explores the relationships between forms and the voids they inhabit or contain. Much like the human body both occupies empty space and contains it, these works of art inhabit the blank page and blank wall, or incorporate empty space within their own fabric – an economy of material that implies volume and structure.
In this exhibition, “a photograph or collage may not make use of the space between itself and the viewer, or between itself and the gallery wall – instead acting as an autonomous world existing only within the boundaries of the page that the viewer may imagine reaching or stepping into,” say curators Dodson and Dodson, in discussing the exhibit. “The balance and potential energy in the images are precarious, and the compositions suggest action, absence, and the piling up of structural elements. Alternately, the installation, relief, and three-dimensional works begin to move into the viewer’s space, encroaching on physical and psychological boundaries – with the light and air of the viewer’s environment passing through the empty space in the work, or the voids in the work suggesting space for a human body.”



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