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Charlotte Street Presents:
Autumnal Equinox Sleeping Bag Concert
by Shawn E Hansen & Sam Jones and the Twilight Choir
September 22, 2015 | 6:45 pm Doors Open
7:16 pm Performance begins at Sundown | 7:07am Breakfast at sunrise
Arrive and Leave at your Convenience Free Admission

Sam Jones and Shawn E. Hansen, joined by the Twilight Choir, will be presenting a musical concert spanning from sunset to sunrise starting on the last summer evening, September 22, 2015 and going through the Autumnal Equinox and into the first day of Fall. Music will begin promptly at sunset on Tuesday evening. Audience members are encouraged to stay the night and sleep during the performance but can arrive or leave at any time. Anyone staying should bring sleeping mats, sleeping bags and or blankets and rugs. The composition will be tranquil and designed to accompany the listeners through the cycles of twilight, night-time, sleep, dreams, and sunrise. This collaboration expands upon previous sleeping bag concerts and other works from the two composers and performers, experimenting with endurance, meditation, and minimalism traditions in art and music. Sam and Shawn will be accompanied by an expanded ensemble, The Twilight Choir, for portions of the all-night duration. Breakfast and coffee will be served at sunrise.

When: Tuesday night September 22, through Wednesday morning September 23
Time: doors at 6:45 pm, performance from sunset (7:16 pm) to sunrise (7:07am)
Where: la Esquina Gallery, 1000 W. 25th Street, KCMO
Admission: Free. Public is encouraged to bring sleeping bag, rugs, mats, etc. for sleeping in the performance space.


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