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Charlotte Street Foundation is pleased to present Flesh Crisis 2016: Performance Art Symposium. Beginning July 7th, this three-day event will present new, original performance artworks by seven local performance artists and 13 national and international performing artists. These performances will be shown on the evenings of July 7, 8, 9th from 7-9PM at Charlotte Street’s La Esquina Gallery (1000 W 25th Street, KC MO 64108). On Saturday, July 9th 1-3PM, Flesh Crisis Director, Jessica Borusky will moderate on artists’ talk with the participating artists at Arts Dojo (3130 Bell Street KC, MO) — a Rocket Grants funded space.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 9.49.27 AM images: visiting artists Tabitha Nikolai, B, Ajay Sharma, & local artist, Shelby Burchett

Each evening will consist of various performances—from time-based works, to technology-driven, and interactive pieces. Wednesday night, July 7th, Portland-based artist, Tabitha Nikolai will present The Adyton Nail Salon, a participatory divination through glamour; audience members are invited to receive a water-marbled manicure from which their fortune is told in a process akin to reading tea leaves, or candle magic. On Friday night, July 9th, New Delhi-based artist, B. Ajay Sharma’s performance questions the state of India’s contemporary politics and culture. Sharma’s performance combines ancient Indian rituals and yogic practices in order to address India’s cultural discourse. Local artist, Shelby Burchett will perform as her alter-ego, Goo-Witch, utilizing science and rituals to transcend audiences towards a ghostly, other-worldly realm.

Event details:
Charlotte Street Presents, Flesh Crisis 2016: Performance Art Symposium
When: July 7, 8, 9–each evening, 7-9PM
Where: La Esquina (1000 W 25th Street Kansas City, MO)
Artists’ Presentation: July 9th, 1-3PM at Arts Dojo (3130 Bell Street KC, MO)

Featured artists on July 7th include:

  • Wolfgang Bucher (KC)
  • Dominic Burkart (KC/NY)
  • Tabitha Nikolai (Portland, OR)
  • Nash Bryant (San Francisco, CA)
  • Jose Garza (St. Louis, MO)
  • Valerie Kuenhe (Boston, MA)

Featured artists on July 8th include:

Featured artists on July 9th include:

Visit to learn more about this project, the artists, and performance schedule.

Flesh Crisis is an organizational and educational platform for exhibiting contemporary physical / spatial / temporal artwork.

Arts Dojo is a venue dedicated to furthering the practice of the creative arts in Kansas City located inside an active Aikido dojo.

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