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Charlotte Street Foundation Presents,
(re)remember study — Kansas City,
a project by performance compnay, Findlay//Sandsmark; composer, Catherine McRae;
Marte Danielsen Jølbo; and Kansas City artist, Gillian Tobin

press_postcard_image(re)remember study – Kansas City, Findlay//Sandsmark in collaboration with Catherine McRae and Gillian Tobin, Charlotte Street, Kansas City, 2016

Charlotte Street Foundation is pleased to present (re)remember study—Kansas City—a durational performance and installation that explores nostalgia and the act of remembering. The project is a collaboration between the Norwegian-based performance company, Findlay//Sandsmark, New York-based musician and composer, Catherine McRae, Kansas City-based visual artist, Gillian Tobin and curator, Marte Danielsen Jølbo. Performances take place the evenings of August 18th & 19th from 6-9PM at Charlotte Street’s La Esquina Gallery (1000 W 25th Street, KC MO 64108). Each performance lasts approximately 3 hours, during which the audience is free to move about the space and come and go freely.

Built from people’s memories tied to specific locations, (re)remember study – Kansas City is a durational performance and installation that explores nostalgia and the act of remembering as phenomenon. In a live performance, the artists will interpret and re-remember stories from places they visited with Kansas City residents in the days leading up to the performance. The artistic meditations seek to form connections and correlations to varying modes of the past, as well as, between the subjective and the general, the site-specific and the universal.

The artists have spent time in Kansas City constructing a context and site relational work, which derives and implements material from local residents’ stories. The artists went on walks with Kansas City residents who have taken them to places they associate with a good or pleasant memory. The walks were documented through sound, movement, image, and varying visual artistic strategies.

With this project,  Findlay//Sandsmark seek to move away from the conventions of the black box environs of earlier projects to break down boundaries between different art forms and veins of inquiry. The cross-disciplinary collaboration with Catherine McRae and Gillian Tobin move the performances toward a hybrid between performance, concert and exhibition.

Event Details:
— (re)remember study — Kansas City
— Thursday August 18th & Friday August 19th, 6-9PM
— La Esquina, 1000 W 25th Street KC, MO 64108
— FREE / Open to the public

This project is supported by:

Arts Council Norway
FFUK (fund for performing artists)
Rogaland Fylkeskommune
Stavanger Kommune
Performing Arts Hub Norway

Arranged by: Charlotte Street

See press release for artist and curator information.

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