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1664 Broadway Blvd, KCMO

Charlotte Street Foundation is pleased to announce that the application window is now open for 2019 Series programming in Capsule. Capsule is the new performing arts space located at 1664 Broadway Boulevard. This is an open call for artists who are looking to propose a program series throughout the 2019 calendar year. The deadline for open call submissions is at 11:59 PM (CST) on October 15, 2018. You can read the attached PDF of the call here or read the application details below.

Capsule is a performing & performance art venue just south of downtown Kansas City in the eclectic Crossroads Arts District. Capsule serves as a platform to highlight emerging, contemporary, experimental, and hybrid performance practice.

Proposals for series programming to be considered for Capsule’s 2019 season should be submitted by 11:59 PM (Central Standard Time) on October 15th, 2018.

Proposals may be for ongoing series of contemporary arts programming including, but not limited to: original live performances (dance, theater, music, performance art, spoken word, etc.), sound installations, video screenings, literary readings/events, lectures, panels, conversations, workshops, or short festivals. For this deadline on October 15, proposals should focus on recurring series (example – poetry readings that occur every other Thursday night, etc.).

Ideal programs should contribute diversity to Kansas City’s arts ecology, by way of artists involved, ideas explored, approaches employed, and communities and audiences engaged. CSF will seek a balance of programming that introduces the Kansas City Performing Arts community to a range of local, regional, and national artists and a range of artistic disciplines.


All program proposals at CSF are judged by 4 key programmatic tenants: risk, collaboration, openness, and excellence. Those tenants are further defined as follows:

Does the artistic work push the boundaries of its form? Does it represent a discipline or form that is not especially visible in KC? Is it an artistic discipline unlikely to find a home in another KC venue? Does the work represent a challenge for the artist in that it pushes them to a new level of work? Is it a learning opportunity for the artist or curators involved? Is hybridity of forms or practice present, or is the artist or curator attempting something that reaches beyond their previous experience or expertise?

Does the proposal involve multiple artistic partners? Does it engage community partners or non-arts collaborators? Does it present multiple opportunities and entry points for audiences to interact or participate? Does it integrate the CSF artist community with other art communities, regional or national?

Does this proposal contribute to equitable representation of artists in CSF programs of a variety of backgrounds? Race? Artistic Disciplines? Gender? Ability? Career Stage? Identity? Does it present new ideas, theories, dialogues, and conceptual frameworks, or introduce Kansas City to the work of new artists (local and nonlocal)? Do audiences have accessible ways to learn about the content of the work (didactics/presentations/discussions/printed materials)? Is the conceptual language clear?

Does this work represent artistic excellence? Would you be excited to tell others about it, or to experience it yourself? Is there a high level of craft? Conceptual strength? Distinctly expressed point of view?


Performing artists, directors, choreographers, composers, producers, and other arts organizers who are 21 years and older, who are not currently enrolled in a degree-seeking academic program, are eligible to apply.

Charlotte Street will provide modest stipends for selected projects to assist with such expenses as artist fees, project-specific supplies, and production assistance. Project stipends will vary depending on the needs and scope of the project, in a range of $200-$1000 per event. Most projects will receive funding in the $400-$500 range. Tickets may be charged for events at Capsule, and additional funding can be sought from external sources when necessary.

For most projects, Charlotte Street will separately fund and produce printed cards/fliers/posters, event signage/vinyl, and basic didactic materials (performance programs, etc.). Promotional support is also supplied via social media, email mailings, and other non-print media.

Charlotte Street provides access to some equipment and installation assistance. Equipment is shared between CSF’s multiple spaces, so proposals should identify equipment needs upfront. The following equipment may be supplied by CSF, depending upon availability:

4 flat screens (40″) + wall mounts
2 Pro8200 View Sonic projectors
4 media players (plays MP4s, WAV, JPG)
4 DVD players
4 HDMI cords 25′ + standard HDMI+ A/V cords
2 hanging projection screens (portable)

PA (EV- 2 subs + 2 mid + mixing board + cables)
Small powered speakers w sub (computer)
Portable NADIE 6 ch mixer w/speaker
2 Shure mics + cables
10 headphones (matching)
10 small digital audio players

Variety of wood pedestals and shelves
Extension cords/ power strips
Power drills, hand tools- hammers, levels, painting supplies, drop clothes, etc.
Hanging hardware- screws, brass hangers, anchors
White gallery paint + KILZ primer
Folding chairs (75)
Plywood stage- portable panels (4×8) 20 total

Please send a 1-2 page writeup of your proposal and be sure to include the following components:
 A narrative synopsis
 Relevant links to or embedded video, images, or sound clips as work samples
 Project team list (with links to website, bios, or CVs)
 Rough budget (please identify proposed need for budget from CSF as well as other additional funding sources)
 Proposed dates or timeline (please indicate if timeline is critical or could be adjusted)
 Please identify how long the series will run and what the cadence for programming would be (for example, a music showcase that happens once a month on the third Sunday every month for a year). If proposing a one-time event, please identify the scope of time needed for the installation and production of the project (for example, a month-long residency of a theatre company putting on a production 3 weeks in a row)

Submissions should come to [email protected] in the form of a cover letter with PDF attachment of the full project proposal. The subject line should read CAPSULE OPEN CALL. For questions, please email [email protected].

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