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Ari Fish

Visual Artist Fellow (2010)

Exhibitions/Performances (2006, 2008, 2012)

Ceramics, Fiber, Installation, Multimedia, Music, Performance, Sculpture, Video
Statement of Work

I create spiritual works of art that are of service to people and the space they reside within. A major part of my art practice is the construction of non-denominational temporary temples in public spaces. Each temple is themed around the numerology of the sequence in which it was constructed. I also use universal themes of popular culture within my art practice. A focus on inclusive human-centered transformative experiences within these bodies of work is of greatest importance. This focus of spiritual transformation carries throughout all that I do; including my clothing design and construction of ceremonial jackets and uniforms, as well as my drawings, collages, music and writing.

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Crosses and arrows for everyone. Let us go play.

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