Saturday, November 19, 2022 | Doors at 9PM-midnight

Imagine you try to wake up and you can’t, you are paralyzed into a total nightmare. 

FEVER DREAM paralyzes you with hypnosis, far away from a world like ours, immersive with heavy techno and blends of hellishness. This is the second part of a three part event series hosted by Charlotte street to explore the existential duresses of dreams of freedom, liberation, and identity. 

Saturday, November 19 | Doors at 9PM-Midnight
$10-$15 | All ages




SPECTRE is a three part event series seeking to explore the various aspects of identity: the preface of enlightenment, fear, identity crises, and existential paranoia of existing in a world of polarization in trying to understand and belong. 

SPECTRE seeks to inform of those crises by paralleling existential dread with the metaphors of sleep and dreams. Through both music and visual, SPECTRE takes you on a three part monthly journey into the kaleidoscope of dreamlike queer experience. 

SPECTRE is created, directed and conceptualized by Mazzy Mann and Evan Maddox through sound and art direction.



Event Details

Saturday, November 19 | Doors at 9PM-midnight


Charlotte Street Stern Theater (3333 Wyoming)




HIM HUN (Chicago, IL)


Him Hun · Artist Profile (

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Him Hun is a producer/ DJ based in Chicago pushing the edges of music through various genre bending styles.

“Him Hun throws a roll in sonic speed into a demonic possession, always looking behind a clapback in rhythm. With an ascending synth allowing one to hold their breath like a train is barreling ahead, and light screams that feel familiar in a way that toes the line between deep techno and soundscape, Him Hun is the master of craft. Through the building sound textures, deconstructed waves of ballroom begin to create shapes in vocal loop sampling and building percussion like an apparition through the dance floor.” – Mazzy Mann’s writeup of  Him Hun’s track You Thought (Ariel’s Pearls x Stress Edit) 


KILLUS (Kansas City, MO)


KILLUS is local producer and KC industrial noise legend

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2024 Gala


Saturday, October 19 from 7:00-11:00 PM

Charlotte Street Campus (3333 Wyoming)
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