April 30 - June 3

This April, Charlotte Street is pleased to present Purpose—an exhibition of the studio residency guest curator series. Please join us for the opening reception Saturday, April 29th, 12-5PM at Paragraph Gallery.

“Purpose” opens as part of the Studio Residency Visiting Curator Series curated by Mat Greiner. Featuring the works of Monica Dixon, Andrew Latner and Noël Morical.

If there are fundamentals shared by all art, one must be transformation. In our earliest history, earth was ground and mixed with water to create first paint and then a picture. Stone and wood have been carved into representations and pleasing forms for the length of human history. In the hands and minds of artists, any material can become something new, something other.

The works in ‘Purpose’ begin with materials that imply a particular function but are turned towards new manifestations and different accomplishments. These expressions demonstrate the profound possibilities for beauty, critique, concealment, and revelation in the people and things filling the fabric of daily life. This power is available to anyone. Need and will forge the mundane into extraordinary.

Event Details

April 29 - June 3


Paragraph Gallery

Opening Reception
Saturday, April 29th, 12-5PM

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