Thursday, May 9, 2024 from 7:30-9:00 PM

Scratch Night is a multidisciplinary salon of works-in-progress from Kansas City’s most exciting generative performing artists. Help shape what’s new and what’s next on Kansas City’s stages by participating in our unique audience feedback framework. In partnership with Jay Gilman/borderlandsKC.

May’s lineup includes includes Arianna Hughlett & Kelly Grant, Liney Blu and their bandmates bassist Renee Huey and drummer Jones Goldman, and Charlotte Street Resident Sandra Scott-Revelle.

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Thursday, May 9, 2024 from 7:30-9:00 PM


Charlotte Street Stern Theater (3333 Wyoming St)

Arianna Hughlett & Kelley Gant
How well do you know your own body? Do you realize when you are performing? Coupled with the improvisational vocals of Kelley Gant, the ballerina must resist her rigid programming and trust natural instincts onstage. Also featuring dancers Ashley Moehlenhoff and Molly Cook.
Liney Blu and their band
KC singer songwriter Liney Blu writes from a unique place of personal experience and identity; they vividly show us how vulnerability is strength and require us to see love, frustration, disappointment and humor through lenses we may not have considered. Every song finds them passionately and sometimes bravely exploring a broader, more inclusive understanding of the human experience while letting us into some sacred personal spaces to do so. And while many listeners are just finding Liney Blu, they set out on their path as a songwriter and artist as a teenager.
Join us to see Liney with bandmates bassist Renee Huey and drummer Jones Goldman.
Sandra Revelle

Writer, Textile Artist

Sandra is a Kansas City, MO, historical fiction writer and self-taught artist whose process involves “prayer, spinning words into stories, and fiddling with fabric and thread.” She uncovers people she calls “the lesser-known lights in the vast heavens of Black history.” Their experiences are woven into inspirational short stories that “provoke thought and prick the heart.” Fragments from true experiences, merge with original fabric appliques, allowing auditory and visual peeks into pivotal moments of hardship, decision-making, and celebration. A compilation of stories for publication is her current goal.



A new cutting-edge live + digital arts incubator, borderlandsKC presents adventurous projects expanding Kansas City’s spectrum for artistic invention. Led by Jay Gilman, a recently-returned KC native, Jay spent more than a decade as a curator, producer, and civic practice artist in Minneapolis and Philadelphia.

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