Friday, September 10 through Saturday, October 23, 2021

With Liberty and Justice is an exhibition of nine contemporary artists that reflects on the history of America, evaluates gaps in historical knowledge, and questions the mythology of America in the collective imagination. Through the works of artists Christian Bañez (New York, NY), Eliseo Casiano (Batesville, AR), Michelle Chan (Kansas City, MO), Drea DiCarlo (Kansas City, MO), Leon Jones (Kansas City, MO), Le’Andra LeSeur (Jersey City, NJ), Andrew Mcilvaine (Kansas City, MO), Natalia Nakazawa (New York, NY), and Courtney Faye Taylor (Kansas City, MO), the exhibition presents multi-faceted perspectives on America, our shared histories, and honors those who came before us.

Drawing upon these larger historical moments and personal stories of familial ties, this exhibition prompts a critical reading of American history: a history that has so often overlooked, disenfranchised, and inflicted violence upon people of color. The guiding principles of the Constitution of the United States of America demand justice and liberty for all. And yet, the lived experiences of countless American communities diverge from this idealized vision of equality. The selection of artists represents a view toward the future. Through an acknowledgement of the past, each artist asserts their own presence in contemporary America and an artistic vision that pushes toward progress, resilience, and justice.

Featuring: Christian Bañez, Eliseo Casiano, Michelle Chan, Drea DiCarlo, Leon Jones, Le’Andra LeSeur, Andrew Mcilvaine, Natalia Nakazawa, and Courtney Faye Taylor 


Exhibition Opening

Friday, September 10, 6:00-9:00 PM, CSF Gallery

Zine Workshop w/ Michelle Dreher from Two Tone Press

Wednesday, October 1, CSF Kemper Library


Join Michelle Dreyer from Two Tone Press for a zine workshop inspired by the exhibition With Liberty and Justice at Charlotte Street Foundation! In this workshop, participants will create a single zine page using collage materials and other mark-making tools. All materials will be provided by Scraps KC! Each page will be compiled together to create a single zine from the workshop. A copy of the zine will be sent to participants at a later date.
Monuments to Movements: In the House of Radical Feminist Practices | Curatorial Talk with Neysa Page-Lieberman

Wednesday, October 13 from 7:00-8:00 pm, CSF Kemper Library


Intersecting with the themes of With Liberty and Justice, Neysa Page-Lieberman will discuss her work with Monuments to Movements as the collective builds an international network and movement to re-envision public artwork. M2M seeks to elevate collective action over “hero worship” while using a feminist framework that engages Feminisms as an intersectional philosophy applied to art, policy, process and practice. Neysa will introduce the M2M model of creating engaged, community collaboration to produce new works, illuminate how the feminist framework is the most effective tool for dismantling dominant power structures and how society can elevate more artists’ practices by resisting “permanence” and embracing new ways of monumentalizing. The presentation will also tie in local events in monument reckonings and actions, and share updates about M2M projects in the works.

With Liberty and Justice Exhibition