Belgian-born artist Joëlle Storet immigrated to the United States via Austria in 2001. She took inspiration from a young age from Belgian illustrations and the vast confluences of her Belgian-Congolese upbringing. Her artistic pedigree also draws from her late grandfather, Zamenga Batukezanga is known the world over for being the “most popular and influential Congolese writer of his era”. His folkloric works of fiction and non-fiction documentations of Congolese culture painted her frame of reference for most of her life. She has since transmitted her thematic expositions to the thriving artist community based in Northwest Arkansas. Storet graduated from the University of Arkansas with a background in Cultural Anthropology, German, French and Art History. Her bold palette and multi-facited interests have allowed her to communicate her history and community engagement through paintings, graphic design, clothing brands, murals, and a whole host of other mediums. She now considers Arkansas her home and has been happily living in NWA ever since.