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Amado Espinoza


Generative Performing Fellow

Studio Resident (2015 - 2016)

Music, Performance
Statement of Work

By returning to my origins, I return to the spiritual origins of music and the relationship we have to the planet– the primordial breath of the oceans, the sounds of the rainforests; the construction of flutes using the clay of the earth, the fire to transform them and give them purpose, the offerings of music for rituals of thanksgiving.

However, my music is more than folkloric. My spirit is not bound by frontiers or genres. My community is urban, my art is inventive, many of my tools only work if I plug them in. Experimenting and collaborating with other artists from various genres, my mission to promote the dignity of native instruments reaches new ears, cultivating an organic root from the modern to the antique and diversifying our local musical landscape. Embracing technology does not make my intentions less “indigenous.” It enables me to create environments and musical textures where the listener can be taken to a place away from the mundane.

“The more you can go back in time, the more you can move into the future” – Mo’ Brings Plenty, spiritual leader of the Lakota.

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