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Andi Meyer

Studio Resident

Performance, Playwright, Writer
Statement of Work

My current work focuses on illuminating and empowering the Asian American and Pacific Islander (API) voice through the arts. As an actor, activist, and arts educator with over two decades in the field, I feel it is incumbent on me to pioneer a path here in Kansas City for API theatrical artists. Over the last ten years I have made the growth of the API theatre field a priority in my work. I have also become increasingly connected to theatremakers outside of Kansas City in an effort to become more involved on a national level so that I could bring new ideas and etc. back to Kansas City. I have also created Tradewind Arts, an organization that is aimed at furthering this work.

I am at a very exciting point right now, where my work is able to affect change. I have brought several scripts new to Kansas City to artists and audiences, produced staged readings of some of them, brought together an expanding group of API artists.

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