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Andrew Ordonez

Studio Resident (2019-2022)

Installation, Mixed Media, Painting, Sculpture
Statement of Work

Currently, I have been developing a series of abstract relief sculptures formed from unconventional methods of multidimensional construction. This body of work unveils traces of buried material scraps buried under composite forms and substrates. By infusing scraps of luggage fabrics and snippets of consumer material, I contemplate the tensions of erasure and conservation through the lenses of cultural identities, mortality, and geology. As such, these sculptural conglomerates are whimsically and queerly disguised as unearthed time capsules operating as anonymous archaeological environments and excavations. I incorporate construction aggregates such as cement, sand, gravel, and compound stones to portray these excavations. Earth-related materials allow me to layer my work both physically and conceptually, referencing relationships between bodies in physical environments through the texture of geological mounds. These textures examine interest in broad conditions of placement and displacement such as references to the Tejano American ancestry. This exploration is present in the series of travel-related objects such as folded plaster t-shirts, cement carry-on luggage, and digital postcard prints. I practice traditional mold-making techniques, along with experimental methods such as pouring aggregate into hand-sewn purses and duffle bag containers. Through this robust production, I am interested in examining the loss and longevity of artifacts and material culture.

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the tension of erasure and conservation

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