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Miki Baird

Artboards (2009)

Exhibitions/Performances (2007, 2008, 2010)

Fiber, Mixed Media
Statement of Work

My work rests on a longtime interest in tangible remnants and visual elements extracted from the pedestrian routine of our lives. Collected in found form and often captured with candid photography I gather together small pieces of information anchored in my observations and experiences. Regardless of subject matter or origin the details collected are fundamentally associated with where I am and where I have been.

These visual constituents often bear common signs of habitation unremarkable enough that we overlook their suggestive and descriptive power. However, despite their quotidian appearance when collectively and repeatedly grouped together they emerge as essential units that make way for exploration of image anthology, idiosyncrasy, abstraction and most notably a transformational shift from original material identity. Designed as a network of non-linear reading and viewing the work encourages viewers to scrutinize imagery and material content particularly at contrasting vantage points.

Formed as paper aggregations of imagery, text, color and pattern, texture and surface topography, my work loosely references adaptations of fabric and fiber handling influenced by long past familial practices. As I have become increasingly interested in methods of organization, breakdown and reconstruction as a means of transformation I am exploring methods of making and repurposing utilized by my grandmothers and their communities. Borrowing from the past acknowledging the importance and skills of women who preceded me I continue to appropriate those experiences into my practice.

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“I had the whole rich earth before me, and I still looked only at what was most small and most humble.” Robert Walser, Selected Stories

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