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Anthony Rea

Rocket Grant (2016)

Illustration, Multimedia, Photography
Statement of Work

Anthony Marcos Rea was born and raised on the Westside of Kansas City, MO as a result of a desegregating public school system through the mid-1990’s. He conducted studies at The University of Missouri at Kansas City where he studied under Photographer/Professor Bill Gaskins until his migration to Chicago in 1999.

Currently, Anthony Marcos Rea fills the role of Cultural Arts Coordinator at the Mattie Rhodes Center Art Gallery in Kansas City, MO As he has made a second migration back to Kansas City, MO where he now works and resides in his former working-class and now gentrified community of the Westside.

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I am motivated by the landscape and surfaces, journeys and the document, memories and men while visualizing through photography, collage and drawing.

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