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Carrie Anne Wallen

Studio Resident (2019-2020)

Dance, Illustration, Installation, Multimedia, Music, Performance, Video
Statement of Work

Carrie Anne’s practice includes a mix of illustration, 90’s glitch art inspired collage, audio/visual performance art, installations and the musical satirization of the toxicities of contemporary culture. Lyrically, Carrie Anne’s writes straight-shooting irreverent songs that are based on factual information mixed with dark humor and embellished parallels. Her performance art pieces use elements of theater, digital data corruption, interactive video installation and costumes in a musical satirization of social injustice, gender roles and the prescriptive capitalist agenda. The majority of her work is inclusive and collaborative, bringing people together through absurdist tropes in internet culture, theater and comedy. Carrie Anne’s focus is to inspire cheerfulness, inclusivity and resistance to normative ways of thinking and being.

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“I respect everything I make fun of.” ― John Waters

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