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Ricky Allman

Visual Artist Fellow (2011)

Artboards (2013)

Installation, Mixed Media, Music, Painting, Performance, Stop-Motion
Statement of Work

The first 30 years of my life I was anticipating the imminent apocalypse; hoarding food, memorizing scriptures and warning the wicked. However, my belief system eventually failed me and I was left in an epistemological free-fall, without dogma, doctrine or authority to guide me. When I eventually found my footing, I began to believe that humanity did not deserve to be destroyed, and we would more than likely adapt and survive to any upcoming calamities. Our future no longer seemed doomed to eternal despair. For the first time in my life, my brain allowed me to think of a future, a hundred, thousand, or five thousand years in the future. It was no longer depressing, but thrilling to consider the future. I began to think about 3D printers printing buildings and organs. I began to think about self-replicating architecture. Buildings that reproduce by mining their own materials from the earth. Over time these buildings will evolve into cities into metropolises. Meanwhile humans will be editing their genes and replacing biological organs with super intelligent, self-repairing, 3D printed organs, muscles and brains. In this era humans could theoretically become autonomous computers, buildings, cities, or even some super organism beyond anything we have seen. This is the era I am interested in depicting. Far from a tidy answer or a solution, I'm interested in potential possibilities. I'm interested in humanity designing a future that benefits life on earth and beyond. I am trying to envision a realistic future with wonderful opportunities and real challenges, neither utopian or dystopian. If we can approach the future with courage and solutions, we will be much better equipped for a future in which humanity does not deserve to be destroyed.

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