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Kat Nechleba

Studio Resident (2009)

Fiber, Installation, Mixed Media, Multimedia, Sculpture, Textiles, Video
Statement of Work

My work investigates the connections between art and life; why art continues to be a staple in consensus reality. I deconstruct childhood folklore, fairy tales, and the adult ideals of American dream. My work also explores gender roles and assignment, the fragility of family dynamics, and the underlying threads of violence and danger that underpin American society.

As a result, my intent is to create experiential and interactive art, which is constantly changing to bring about a state of reflection in the viewer.

On its most basic level, my work is an attempt to transform ordinary matter into something extraordinary, and to bridge the conceptual realm to the material world. I work with discarded material; reusing discarded substance plays a significant role in my sculpture. Natural waste represents the unwanted, and by using the unwanted I give filth a new meaning. As a collective, litter becomes an array of patterns and forms shapes. With those shapes, I make an idea exist in life.

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