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Carie Musick

Studio Resident (2014 - 2015)

Fiber, Installation, Mixed Media, Video
Statement of Work

The boundaries of personal and public self are increasingly becoming indistinct. Through the rise in social media and other connective technologies, my secrets, intimate moments, and once private life is now readily public and permanently etched. As a woman raised in a conservative, and patriarchal environment, where I was praised for giving up my identity to an institutional church, I didn’t feel true to myself. Abandoning this sheltered culture and heritage by leaving the Mormon Church has left a void that has forced me to redefine life on my own terms. My religious past continues to haunt me as I explore the boundaries of comfort between communal and private personality. Making and capturing moments, I create work that speaks to what is real and what is not and what is important individually and in the world at large. Through the use of video, sculpture, made and found objects, I create environments that invoke a certain suspension of belief, commenting on religion, sex, transcendence, feminism, and self-realization of the new [to me] world.

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